CRMUG Meeting in Reading March 18th 2015

Save the date!

Our next meeting will be on March 18th 2015, in Reading. More details to follow.

This page will serve as a placeholder for all links to the event registration, updated agendas, related social events etc.

URL for this page will be easy to remember as CRMUG.UK/20150318 (simply this site/event date as yyyymmdd), and we will use this format so that each event has a placeholder page you can easily find.


Registration is now open. Visit the Reading March 2015 event page on to download an iCal entry for your calendar and register for the event. Agenda is yet to be finalised.

If you register and later realise you cannot make it for any reason, please re-visit the page to cancel your registration and free up your place for other members. This also helps us provide a more accurate number of attendees to Microsoft who very kindly provide catering for the event.


Agenda is here CRMUG Reading March 2015 Agenda, subject to change. Don’t forget to follow @CRMUGUK on twitter for updates. 


This meeting will be at Microsoft’s UK HQ in Reading.

Microsoft Campus
Thames Valley Park


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