CRMUG Reading March 2015 Agenda

The next UK CRM User Group is in Reading on Wednesday 18th March. We have our usual great line-up of sessions for our business and technical focussed members to take away some great practical information and advice from peers and industry experts.

This meeting is free to attend for all CRMUG members, thanks to Microsoft’s kind and continued support of the events, providing venues and refreshments for us. You can sign up for a Basic membership of CRMUG at no cost. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience what the CRMUG has to offer you and other Dynamics CRM users!

We have slightly increased the length of breaks during this event in response to feedback to give you more opportunity to network and chat with your peers, our speakers and MVPs.

The agenda below is of course subject to change, so don’t forget to follow @CRMUGUK on twitter for updates. 

Registration is open for this event at the Reading March 2015 event page on

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We will have two tracks for the middle part of the day, so you can choose the session that is of most interest and relevance. There are a wide range of topics for everyone from business managers and project owners through administrators and functional consultants to the most technical system customisers and developers. All details below are subject to alteration and intended as a guide only.

09:00 Registration and coffee
09:30 Welcome & CRMUG News
09:45 What’s New in CRM 2015 and the Dynamics Roadmap
Hear all about what is coming in the Spring Release for CRM. Also find out more about related products including Social Listening, Dynamics Marketing, Parature and Unified Service Desk, and what the future roadmap looks like for the whole suite of Dynamics tools.
TBC, Microsoft UK
10:45 Coffee and Networking
2 tracks

Calculate this!
Anxious? Indecisive? Do you find it hard to decide on which of the many calculated field options to use with Dynamics CRM?
Lie back and relax as MVP Scott Durow performs psychoanalysis on the various possibilities whilst demonstrating writing plugins, workflows, portable business logic and using the new Calculated and Rollup fields in Dynamics CRM 2015.
Scott Durow, MVP,

Roundtable discussion: Convince your users to be lovers, not fighters: Increase use of your CRM system without open warfare
When staff have a million and one items on their to-do list how do you ensure that CRM doesn’t just become another administrative chore for them to undertake? Do you use a carrot or a stick to increase the use of CRM? How do you measure user adoption, and encourage behaviours that lead to better business outcomes?
In this round table session we’ll share experiences of what has worked for you and look at possible strategies to undertake.
Chair: Paul Ince, Independent CRM Consultant

12:15 5 minutes to swap rooms
2 Tracks

Common BI Challenges in CRM
In this session from one of our CRMUG Premium Partner members, we discuss the key challenges facing Microsoft Dynamics CRM users when looking at business intelligence. 
We’ll go through challenges including system complexity, extensibility, project lifecycle, user adoption and skills, and look at how to address these.
Steve Zangari, VP of EMEA, Zap BI

Putting data at the heart of your CRM strategy
Data and technology are allied, when one is treated badly they both suffer. In this session, you will walk away with best practices and real examples of how data and technology, together, can have an impact on how we understand our customers, market our products and services, and how we make decisions to support business growth.
Customer Showcase Data8. Emmy Lippold, Marketing Manager

13:20 Lunch and Networking
1 track
CRMUG Showcase – Metro Bank: Creating FANS not Customers
Metro Bank was founded on a simple precept – to offer the best customer experience, how, when and where the customer wants it. Its motto “no stupid bank rules” and its focus is on bringing back traditional retail banking, supported by flexible technology.
Find out how Metro Bank is using Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Office 365,Yammer and other cloud technologies to give its people the apps they need to support the personalized interactions that are the hallmark of its business, and be operationally flexible so that they can take a best practice from one location and implement it across all locations.
Marco Amoedo, Senior Solutions Architect and
Mario Trueba Cantero, Senior Developer / Consultant, Metro Bank
15:20 Ask the Experts
A chance for more Q&A with today’s speakers and MVPs
16:00 Close


This meeting will be at Microsoft’s UK HQ in Reading.

Microsoft Campus
Thames Valley Park


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