Advance information for July 2015 meeting in London

We have a few speakers already lined up for our CRMUG meeting in July. These sessions are tentative of course, and subject to change, but should give you a good idea of the sort of great topics we will be presenting and discussing on the day.

Planned sessions for July Meeting

User Adoption – becoming the Pied Piper
From 0 to over 13,000 cases a month: How AmicusHorizon brought colleagues and the housing sector on its CRM Journey. A real customer experience.
Chris Roberts, CRM Manager, AmicusHorizon

Getting Started with PowerBI
While Excel might be the 30-year old tool of choice for simple data analysis, its offspring are definitely the new kids to watch. PowerQuery, PowerPivot and PowerMaps provide powerful tools for exploratory analytics and self-service reporting for your organisation. Join Jen Stirrup, MVP for SQL Server, business intelligence expert and author to understand how to get started, how to build your data models and how to deliver great insights to your users.
Jen Stirrup, Director, Copper Blue Consulting

Using Insights to Power Up your Sales
InsideView are a CRMUG Premium Partner that provide data from multiple online sources, aggregated and delivered to your users right inside their CRM forms. This includes business details and metrics, information about key contacts and news that might be relevant to your understanding of your prospects and clients. Their Insights product is included in CRM Online with Pro and Enterprise licences to help you get started – the only ISV solution provided and supported by Microsoft themselves.
InsideView also offer additional features and services for users of CRM Online and on-premises, enabling you to easily manage your business connections through sites such as LinkedIn, import new records directly from their data and validate what you already know.

Security Design and Performance Considerations
Take a deep dive into some of the more complex areas of Dynamics CRM security and understand how different security design choices might impact your system performance.
We will look at some aspects of system configuration such as cascading behaviours in 1:N relationships that can have a big impact on security, yet are often overlooked. Discover how the system evaluates the privileges granted to users through Security Roles and Teams, and how the Principle Object Access table handles record sharing. Find out whether using Access teams in CRM 2013 will give you any real performance gains, and why.
Note: This session is a “300 level” presentation, based on a top-ten scoring presentation from CRMUG Summit 2014. It assumes you already know how to configure users, teams, security roles, business units and record sharing.
Adam Vero, MVP, Co-founder of CRM Masters

Call for speakers

Despite the great line-up above, we do need more speakers, so please let us know if you think you have a great story to share about how you are using CRM, or some particular experience or expertise you can use to help others understand CRM better. We are always looking for great speakers to talk about a range of topics from the business end of things (project and change management, user adoption), through more technical subjects for administrators and customisers, and on to sessions aimed at developers.

Contact the committee via the comments, or get in touch with Adam Vero, Scott Durow or Andrew Bibby to discuss your ideas.


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