CRMUG UK November 2015 Meeting Agenda

The next UK CRM User Group is in London on Tuesday 10th November. We have a fantastic line-up of 12 sessions of practical information and advice for you from peers and industry experts.

Two focus areas

We have two main areas of focus for this event, which are really fundamental to CRM, no matter what your organisation uses it for.

The first is the theme of “customers”, (or “clients”, or “citizens”, if you prefer), from how you can engage with your customers as effectively as possible to how Microsoft can help you to succeed as a Dynamics CRM customer. We also have not one, but two customer showcase sessions so you can find out how other organisations are taking advantage of CRM to manage their processes and deliver business value.

The second key subject highlighted on our agenda is “data”. This will include looking at how to get your data from other systems into CRM, managing data quality and presenting timely, relevant information to users through dashboards.

Who can attend?

This meeting is free to attend for all CRMUG members and subscribers, thanks to Microsoft’s kind and continued support of the events, providing venues and refreshments for us. You can sign up for a Basic membership of CRMUG at no cost. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience what the CRMUG has to offer you and other Dynamics CRM users!


Registration is open for this event at the CRMUG UK November 2015 meeting page at Although the detailed agenda is not finalised yet, you can sign up today to make sure you get reminders nearer the time. If you have any difficulty getting registered for the event, please don’t just give up. Either contact the CRMUG support team or email “CRMUG <at>”.


Please note the slightly earlier start time for this meeting than previous ones. Feel free to arrive at any time from about 8:30 to enjoy coffee and breakfast pastries and get a bit of extra networking time before we start the day. Maybe reach out to people you have met at previous events and agree to meet up and catch up on what you are doing with your CRM projects at the moment.

The agenda below is of course subject to change, so don’t forget to follow @CRMUGUK on twitter for updates.

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We will have two tracks for most of the day, so you can choose the session that is of most interest and relevance. There are a wide range of topics for everyone from business managers and project owners through administrators and functional consultants to the most technical system customisers and developers. All details below are subject to alteration and intended as a guide only.

09:00 Registration and coffee
09:15 Welcome & CRMUG News
1 track
Bringing Customer Engagement to the next level with Dynamics CRM
Find out what is coming in the next release, Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016, and what this means for CRM Online and on-premises deployments. See some of the great new features in CRM that will bring you ever closer to your customers, and improved integration with other Office 365 applications. Hear about other related Dynamics products including Microsoft Social Engagement and Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, and where the Dynamics Roadmap is going over the next year.
Hayley Bass (@HayBass), Principal Business Architect Microsoft Dynamics CRM R&D, Microsoft
10:30 Coffee and Networking
3 tracks
Helping our Customers Succeed
To ensure our customers are successful in deploying and deriving the ROI from Microsoft CRM, Microsoft provides a Customer Success Manager (CSM)who will partner with the customer and develop an engagement model to drive adoption. This session will provide an insight on the CSM role and how it can deliver value to the customers.
Dilip Popat, EMEA Enterprise CSM Director, Microsoft

Data Migration without tears
Migrating data is a critical factor, but surprisingly is sometimes overlooked when planning a Dynamics CRM project. It doesn’t need to be difficult or painful, but it does need to be well planned and done with the proper tools. This talk explains various strategies for how to migrate data into Dynamics CRM with the minimum of pain.
Mike Feingold, CRM consultant and Scribe MVP, Empoint

Dashboards – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly
In this round-table discussion workshop, we will be asking you to share some of your best dashboards and explain why they work well for you. Alternatively, if you are just starting out with giving users this kind of real-time information and analytics bring your questions or drafts along so your peers can give you some guidance on how to get the best results.
If you have examples of good or bad CRM dashboards that you could share, mock-ups in Excel or sketches on a napkin, please read more and get in touch:
Dashboards workshop session – share your content
Chair: Adam Vero, MVP

11:50 5 minutes to swap rooms
3 Tracks
To Infinity – and Beyond!
Our experience with Dynamics CRM 6 months in, how we are keeping the excitement alive with our users, and the impact it is having already on customer service.
Jamie Barker (@JamieBarkerTCHG), Project Manager, Town and Country Housing Group

Dynamics CRM Security Modelling: Performance Considerations
Take a deep dive into some of the more complex areas of Dynamics CRM security and understand how different security design choices might impact your system performance. Find out how security features work under the hood to better inform your decisions.
Note: This session is a “300 level” presentation. It assumes you already understand the concepts of users, teams, security roles, business units, record sharing and Access Teams.
Adam Vero (@AdamVero), MVP, Co-founder of CRM Masters

Microsoft Conduit Session – Customer Success Starts Here
Continue the conversation with the Microsoft Customer Success Managers in this round table discussion with representatives from Microsoft to answer your questions or simply hear your feedback in a frank and open forum.
How can Microsoft engage with you more closely? How can you get support when you need it? How can you get access to more strategic advice from Microsoft about how to build your business on the Dynamics platform, and get involved with the preview programme for new product developments?
Chair: Dilip Popat and Gillian Naish, Microsoft

13:00 Lunch and Networking
3 tracks
Beyond Sales and into the Cloud
Three years ago MSXI had a Novell infrastructure and were using Salesforce, with servers on-premises in multiple countries. We are now pushing boundaries with cloud technology and fostering a huge cultural change, adopting Dynamics CRM, Office 365 and PowerBI. Our vision to be partner of choice extends to every customer, supplier and relationship we have. Find out how we have started to deliver this vision and where it will take us next.
Dominic Fraser (@Fraser_Dominic), Project Manager: Microsoft Applications, MSX International

Testing, testing, 1, 2, 3
Customising your CRM system (again)? Writing code, in-house or as an ISV? Or keeping things the same but preparing for an upgrade? No matter what you use CRM for, things don’t seem to stand still for long, so you always need a testing strategy of some kind. Join our panel for an interactive session talking about all kinds of testing from code reviews to UAT to QA. Discuss with your peers how to go about it, how much effort it takes, what works well for you, and highlight any traps to avoid.
Chair: Scott Durow (@ScottDurow), MVP,
Panel: Priscilla Tse, Senior CRM Technical Consultant, KPMG CrimsonWing
Sarah Critchley (@DynamicCRMCat), CRM Developer / Consultant, Cambridge Online Systems

Microsoft Conduit Session – Addressing Challenges of Email Integration
A more technical round table discussion with representatives from Microsoft to answer your questions or simply hear your feedback on everything relating to email integration.
What options are available for different versions of CRM and Exchange, online or on-premises? Does the Outlook client do everything you need it to, or will SSS or the new Outlook web app revolutionise the way your users work? Is a combination of tools for different users actually the best fit for your business?
Chair: Roger Gilchrist, Solution Architect and Product Manager, Microsoft UK

14:45 Coffee and Networking
1 track
Better Data > Better CRM
Data quality is a key factor in the success of a CRM project. We all know that data needs to be accurate, up to date, and relevant to deliver business value. These are practical concerns with usability, not to mention legal and compliance issues. In this interactive session our speakers will share some experiences and top tips and then “ask the audience” to talk about what has worked for you or try to answer each other’s questions.
Panel: Paul Ince (@BizPaul), Independent CRM Strategy Consultant
Rowland Dexter, Managing Director, QGate (CRMUG Premium Partner member)
1 track
Ask the Experts
A chance for more Q&A with today’s speakers and MVPs. Bring along your CRM problems, questions about anything you are struggling to get working or ask for suggestions on the best approach for your next customisation challenge.
And after we are done answering questions, we’ll find somewhere nearby to carry on the conversation over a drink or two!


This meeting will be at Microsoft’s Customer Centre in London

Cardinal Place, 80-100 Victoria Street, London SW1E 5JL

That’s a 2 minute walk from Victoria tube station, serviced by the Victoria, Circle and District Lines.


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