Dashboards workshop session – share your content

Workshop / discussion sessionAt the user group meeting in November we will have a workshop session to talk about what dashboards are, why people use them, and how you can design and deploy them to give your users the best possible information to support their business decisions.

To aid with this discussion, we would like some real examples from your own CRM systems to use as a basis to talk around.

If you have a really interesting dashboard, or one that took you some time to get right, please share this so we can all benefit from your success. Likewise, if you’re struggling to design a dashboard, or have one that does not quite give users what you had hoped, bring that along and see if your peers can help by suggesting ways to improve it.

How can I submit my dashboard to share it?

Ideally, take a full-screen screenshot of your dashboard and send it to me (Adam Vero) at CRMUG <at> meteorit dot co dot uk. In the email let me know if I need to anonymise or redact things such as unique customer names, revenue figures etc. Wherever possible I would like to do this by replacing with dummy names, values and so on so that the overall sense of the dashboard is retained. In other cases I can simply blur things out as needed. I will of course let you see a copy of the final version I plan to share on the day for you to review.

If you don’t have your dashboard completed yet, and want some input during your design and review stages, then send me any kind of mock-up, scanned napkin sketches, photo of your recent whiteboard drawings or whatever else you have. We’ll let the collective experience of the group pitch in with ideas for you to take away and think about.

You don’t have to submit in advance if you are not happy with that, just come along armed with either your own local copy on your laptop / tablet, or ready to connect to your system and share a live version. This would also be good if what makes your dashboard great is the way users can interact with it, drill down etc.

While dashboards that can be built using CRM’s own features are the priority here, it would also be interesting to see anything you have built using other tools such as Power BI, QlikView, or even Excel or SSRS (especially if they have some interaction, drill-down or hyperlink behaviours)

Is this a technical session?

This very much depends on the group. The intention is to focus on the high level stuff – what makes a good dashboard, and how to design for data sense-making, decision support or exploratory analytics. But if the pain points or most useful approaches have technical solutions, then we can discuss those too. This will not be a presentation with lots of slides; it will be an old school chalk-and-talk discussion, sharing great ideas and best practices.

(I will also try and keep us out of the nitty gritty of customisations for individual charts and editing chart XML, which we have covered at a previous meeting, and if we see the need we could do again in this sort of format).

If you have any questions, please get in touch via the comments below, or more privately via email (above) or DM on twitter @AdamVero.


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