This site is the official blog for the UK Dynamics CRM User Group – CRMUGUK.

CRMUG UK exists to enable all users of Dynamics CRM / Dynamics 365 to get together at regular meetings to share their knowledge, experience and ideas in a welcoming and friendly environment.

To do this, we have a planning team to make sure that we offer content that our members and guests want to see, and give everyone an opportnity to contribute where possible.

The main website is still at CRMUG.com, where you will find forums, webinars, membership information and event registration pages.

We now have a much better community portal on top of the Dynamics platform at CRMUG.com so we can keep things much more up to date there. You should visit the CRMUG UK Community area, join the community and sign up for the daily email digests. That way you will get information about what is going on locally, including announcements of meetings and post-event updates such as when speakers post their slide decks.

You can use the RSS feed at the bottom right to follow this blog, or follow us on twitter @CRMUGUK where we tweet when new posts are made or important updates take place.


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